Western Washington Nets

(as of August 7, 2017)
Daily Nets Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
Washington State Net (WSN) [morning] 7:30 AM 3.563/7.038/1.818 N7YRT CW Only
California Rescue Net (the "Gordo" net) 8:30 AM 7.250 N7YRT MTuWThF only
Noon Time Net (NTN) 12:00 PM 3.970/7.268.5 W7TVA 2 frequency net
Jefferson Noon Net 12:00 PM 7.204 K6SOJ
Puget Sound Traffic System Net (PSTS) 5:30 PM 146.820 (PL 103.5) KA7TTY VHF only
Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System (WARTS) 6:00 PM 3.975 K7YR
North West Single Side Band Net (NWSSB) 6:30 PM 3.945 K7WNE
Washington State Net (WSN) [evening] 6:45 PM 3.563/7.038/1.818 N7YRT CW Only
West Coast Net (WCN) 7:00 PM 3.54 K7WCN Slow Speed CW (<10 WPM)
Columbia Basin Net (CBN) 7:00 PM 3.96 W7BJN
Seventh Region NTS Net (RN7) 7:30 PM 3.560/7.042/1.860 W7IZ CW Only
Pacific Area NTS Net 8:30 PM 3.552/7.052   CW Only
Seventh Region NTS Net (RN7) 9:30 PM 3.560/7.042/1.860 W7IZ CW Only
Nets on Monday Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
Washington State Emergency Net (WSEN) 6:30 PM 3985 [alt 7245] Winter Months: 1730 at 3985 kHz. or until band conditions improve
West Seattle Amateur Radio Club Monday Night Net 6:30 PM 441.800+ (141.3) Curt Black WR5J Friendliest Club in Radio - Say Hi...
Seattle ACS 7:00 PM 146.96- (103.5)   Weekly voice and digital practice
MT63-2000 w. FLDIGI
Puget Sound Repeater Group 7:30 PM 146.96- (103.5) Lee Bond - N7KC Weekly voice net
Puget Sound Digital Hams 8:00 PM 444.550+ (141.3) Curt Black WR5J Arrive with FLDIGI running MT63-2000 for decode
Shoreline ACS1930442.825(103.5) 146.505S(103.5)
Cowlitz county EMCOMM2000147.26+(114.8)
Stanwood Camano EMCOMM2000147.57 (S)(No tone)
Nets on Tuesday Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
District 2 Ops 1 RACES net1800146.92-(123)1st Tues only
SeaTac EMCOMM1900144.43(USB)
Pierce county EMCOMM1900145.37-(136.5) 146.64-(103.5) 442.45+(103.5)
Clallam county EMCOMM1900146.76-(100)
Clark county EMCOMM1900147.24+(No tone)
Thurston county EMCOMM1900147.36 +(No tone)
Snohomish- RACES county EMCOMM2000146.92-(123)
Seattle American Red Cross Comm Team Weekly Net 8:00 PM 147.08+ t103.5 Kenny Richards
The net is primarily for Red Cross comm team, but all Amateur radio operators are welcome and encouraged to participate.
Nets on Wednesday Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
Jefferson county EMCOMM0900145.15-(114.8)updated 18Dec16 per AH6EZ
Skagit county EMCOMM1900145.19-(127.3)
San Juan county EMCOMM2000146.90-(131.8)
Wahkiakum county EMCOMM2000147.26+(114.8)
Nets on Thursday Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
Pacific county EMCOMM1930147.18 +(118.8) 147.34 +(118.5) 145.31-(118.5) 441.675+(118.8) 444.400+(118.5) 444.800+(118.5)
District M Ops 1 RACES net (Medical Svcs)2000146.90-(103.5) 443.550+(103.5)
Lewis county EMCOMM2000147.06 +(110.9)
Nets on Friday Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
Nets on Saturday Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
Thurston county EMCOMM0830147.36+(No tone) 441.400 +(103.5) 224.460-(No tone)
Washington State Emergency Net (WSEN)09003985(LSB) [alt 7245(LSB)]
District 1 Ops 1 RACES net1000444.500+(103.5)1st Sat only
Nets on Sunday Time Frequency (MHz.) Manager Note
Whatcom county EMCOMM1900145.23-(103.5) 147.16+(103.5) [alt 146.50(S)]
Grays Harbor county EMCOMM1900147.16 +(88.5)
Kitsap Co county EMCOMM190028.330 (USB)
District 3 Ops 1 RACES net1915145.47-(100) [alt 3985 kHz(LSB)]
Kitsap Co county EMCOMM1930145.43-(179.9)
Kirkland EMCOMM1945145.49-(103.5) 441.075+(103.5) 53.17-(100)
Snohomish-ESCA county EMCOMM1945147.34+(No tone)
Island county EMCOMM2000146.86-(127.3)
King county EMCOMM2000147.08 +(103.5)
Mason county EMCOMM203028.350 (USB)
Snohomish- ARES county EMCOMM2030443.875(127.3)
Mason county EMCOMM2045443.250+(100)2nd Sun only
Mason county EMCOMM2100146.72-(103.5)